Product availability during the Corona pandemic. How to anticipate?

Posted by Rianne Konings on Apr 23, 2020 4:26:39 PM
Rianne Konings

Forced by the coronavirus, we started cutting and trimming our own hair, baking our own bread and exercising at home.

Because of a huge number of people working from home or living in complete quarantine, consumers look to purchase necessary goods online and remain dependent on their country’s delivery infrastructure and supply chains.

Result: you will find the 'sold out' sign in the rarest places.

It is clear that corona pandemic is having an exceptional impact on availability of products worldwide. This puts the infrastructure of ecommerce brands and retailers under pressure.

SiteLucent can quickly reveal what products are out of stock on retailers websites, how many days products are out of stock and what a retailer communicates to shoppers about it.

For example: Let's look at the data table in the image below. You can use the search bar on the top of the data table to search for specific keywords, retailers, categories or EAN codes. 

In the example below we used a data table that shows us the availability overview per retailer. We used the search intent "tondeuse" (which is the Dutch word for hair trimmer). We get a clear overview of all hair trim and groom products and their availability at each online retailer.

detect out of stock products

A data table can be used to quickly zoom in to product details by clicking the “i” icon in the rightmost column of each product.

For instance: In the image below we can see the days out of stock over time, of a specific Philips hair trimmer. 

ecommerce product availability


By switching the tabs, we can also have a look at the availability rate over time for this product:

stock levels over time

We can also zoom in to price, stock and delivery texts of the product, and browse to the product detail page of each retailer by clicking the rightmost icon at the retailer of choice. 

product availability software

How do you monitor your out-of-stocks? Manually? Randomly? On a weekly base?

Save time monitoring your products by creating a free SiteLucent account.

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