Release Notes Dec. 2020: Assortment Switch, Click-throughs, & More!

Welcome to the First & Final Release Notes of 2020! We at SiteLucent end 2020 with a new routine: We publish our Monthly Release Notes in a blog. December has been an exciting month in many ways. Check out our new features to help grow and scale your brand into the New Year!

Changeover Switch for Retailer Assortments

Not every retailer carries the same product assortment. 

  • Specify which of your products belong within which retailer range.
  • Use a Changeover Switch to turn on 'Retailer Assortments'.
  • Find the Switch Dashboard View Filter just below the Date Range filter.

Changeover Switch for Retailer Assortments helps you to:

  • Get a reliable view of multiple Retailer KPIs.
  • Keep your custom filters clear and tidy.
  • Define and upload as many unique retailer assortments as needed.

Learn more about using a Retailer Assortment Product List >


Dashboard Click-through

We have made our newest RPO (Retailer Performance Overview) widget, more practical and useful by adding a click-through function. By clicking one of the topic-icons, the relevant topic dashboard opens automatically showing more detailed metrics.


Send an email to with your click-through preferences so that we can set it up in your account that way.


Conditional Coloring

Highlight points of attention! As you might have seen in the video above, we have also improved the RPO by adding Conditional Coloring:

  • Content Completeness & Availability ---> values at or above 90% are shown Green, between 65% and 90% are Yellow, and lower than 65% are Red.
  • Days out of stock ---> values up to 3 days are shown in Green, between 4 and 15 days in Yellow, and above 15 days are Red.
  • DCC-related metrics --> values at or above 80% are shown Green, between 60% and 80% are Yellow, and lower than 60% are Red.
  • R&R ratings/stars --> values at or above 4.3 stars are shown in Green, between 3.5 and 4.3 in Yellow, and below 3.5 stars are Red. All %-values same as DCC.

Please email in case you want to make changes to the default coloring and KPI conditions.


Assign multiple tags to one product

Assigning multiple tags helps you better organize SKU's into groups. Assign multiple product tags to the same product by separating tag values by a pipe-symbol "|". For instance, to a product that falls under several product categories. 

By adding tags to a product list you create your own custom filters. 

Read here how to create custom filters with product tags >


Multiple Product Content Attributes in a Product List

Add product attributes to measure product content criteria. By adding multiple variants, separated by a pipe-symbol "|",  you can, for instance, add (key)words in multiple languages, and weights or product sizes, written in different formats.

Read about using Attributes to Measure Product Content Quality >


Help us keep improving

Are you a current SiteLucent user? We would love to hear your feedback! If you’re interested in helping, please email, and we’ll reach out. We’d like to learn more about how you work, how we can improve, and what you’re missing in our tool.