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Your product rank on retailer site-search results directly impacts your brand’s eCommerce success. Simply because no one can buy your products if they can’t find them! Measuring and optimizing your products' findability on retailer websites is an ongoing task since retailers and marketplaces are always tweaking their algorithms. SiteLucent can help you measure and optimize the on-site search performance of your products. 

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eCommerce site search

" We use SiteLucent to monitor how often our products show up in search results "

Peter Vogel - Digital Business Director at Coram 

Define the right search keywords

Step one in defining the right keywords for individual product and category pages is to identify and understand your target group and how they are searching for your products.

If you have chosen your branded keywords and general category keywords, easily upload them into SiteLucent and start optimizing your products' search performances.

Optimize on-site search performance

Important metrics to monitor

SiteLucent tracks the right metrics, to let you uncover insights into on-site search performance and optimize what's in your power. 

  • Measure numerical rankings i.e. top-3 share of (category) search results: The percentage of products on position 1, 2 or 3 for a specified (category) keyword. 
  • Monitor page placement i.e. share of search on page 1: The (percentage of) products that show up on page one for a specified keyword. 
  • Benchmark competition: Find out which other brands' products you are competing with for the top positions in (category) search results. 
Monitor on-site- search performance

Optimize search performances

Each marketplace, retailer website or eCommerce platform has its own search algorithm which ponders many factors. Getting a position in the top of eCommerce search engine results is a game consisting of many factors.

Focus on optimizing what's in your power. The following factors will improve your conversions and, ultimately, your search rankings:

  • Content - such as images, videos and unique product and category descriptions
  • Product availability - avoid supply issues
  • Ratings & reviews - both quantity and quality matter
  • Prices - competitive and aligned with your brand value.
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