How to add free text widgets to a dashboard

A free text widget helps you organize your dashboards better and allows you to add information in text form to a dashboard. In this article, we explain how to add one to your dashboards.

Add Free Text Widgets

To add a 'free text- widget to a dashboard group, you first:

  • Open the dashboard to which you want to add the free text widget
  • Then click the pencil icon right next to the dashboard name to edit the dashboard.

  • Type 'Free text widget' in the search bar to find the widget or select the 💬 checkbox.

  • Drag and drop the text widget in the preferred dashboard group.
  • Click the gear-wheel icon (widget overrides) on the upper right corner of the text widget.

  • Edit the title and the content of your text widget.

  • Click apply
  • Click save

Free text widgets allow you to add free text/information to your dashboards. For instance, you can add targets for your teams.