How to copy a widget

In this article we will show you how to copy a widget.

Why would you want to copy a widget?

  • It can save you time. After copying a widget, you can easily edit it. This way you do not need to create a new widget from scratch.
  • If an existing widget is not shared with you, you are not able to edit widget configurations or info. If you copy a widget that is not shared with you, you are able to edit, share and delete it.

To copy a widget you first:

  • Navigate to the widgets section Icon-widgets in the left menu.
  • Here you see an overview of all widgets that are available.
  • Click the 'copy-icon' clone-solid to copy the widget.

    widget overview sitelucent
  • Change the name and description of the widget to distinguish between your copy and the original.
  • Click 'Copy '.
    copy widget sitelucent
  • You have now created a copy of a widget.
  • The next step will be to edit the widget and add the widget to a dashboard.