How to create a dataset from a widget

This article tells you how to create a dataset from a widget in one of your dashboards.

NOTE: A dataset can only be created from data in a table widget or a matrix table.

When you want to analyze big amounts of data, you can create a dataset with the dataset builder. To create a dataset, you:

  • Navigate to one of your dashboards dashboard-icon;
  • Set the desired filters for the dataset in the filter menu;
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  • Navigate to a table widget or matric table that you want to include in your data set;
  • In the hamburger menu bars-regular, click 'Create Dataset';
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  • Give the dataset a name, and select the date range for your dataset. Note: the date range has to be within your SiteLucent license;
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TIP: We advise giving the dataset the same name as the widget/table you are creating the dataset of. This way, you instantly see what data is in the dataset.

  • Click 'Save'.

Your dataset is now being built. This can take up to an hour.

  • You can find all your datasets in the overview. Click the Kopie van Icons website  (1)in the menu.
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  • Here you'll see when your dataset is generated. You can make a copy of your dataset, view the dataset, download the file, and delete it.