How to Create a Performance Overview Widget

In this article, we explain to you how to create a new Performance Overview widget from scratch.

To create a new Performance Overview widget you first:

  • Navigate to the widgets section  Icon-widgets in the left menu.

Then click the ' + ' right next to 'Widgets'.

overview widgets sitelucent

In the 'Configuration' tab on the right side of your screen, you choose visualization type 'Performance Overview'.

create custom widgets sitelucent

Create performance overview widget

  • Select a dimension. In the following example, we chose 'retailer'. The one you choose will apply as the default dimension, but you can always switch dimensions in a dashboard view later.

ecommerce data and analytics

  • Then you start adding column groups/topics.

add performance view topics

  • Name the column groups
  • Pick a colour for your column groups (optional)
  • Choose an icon
  • Choose which dashboard you want to link to when clicking the icon (optional).
  • In our example (see the image below), we created 4 column groups/topics: Assortment, Availability, Content and Reviews. 

digital shelf performance overview

  • Once the column groups have been created, you can start adding columns/metrics of your choice. Use the search bar to quickly search for a metric.
  • Then click the gear wheel icon ⚙️to choose the associated column group and aggregation function.

ecommerce performance

  • Additionally, you can set up a tooltip/hover text, and conditional colouring by selecting 'Has threshold(s)'.
  • When done, click 'Save'.
  • Repeat the above steps until you have all desired columns in your performance overview.

edit performance overview

  • Switch in the upper right corner to the info tab and give your widget a name + optional description.
  • Selecting the 'Add overall row' checkbox if desired.
  • Then click 'Save'.

performance overview