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How to create and use different DCC-score versions

This article shows you how you can create multiple versions of the DCC score and compare them to each other.

Create a new version of the DCC score

To set up a new version of the DCC score, you:

  • Navigate to Account setup > DCC score;
  • Click on '+ New Version' at the top of your screen;
    New version DCC
  • Select a version on which you want to base your new DCC score;
  • Now you can edit your new DCC version by changing the rules per group.
  • Click on the 'pencil-solid' in a group to edit the name and weight of that group;
    Edit DCC group
  • Click on the 'pencil-solid' in front of a rule to edit the rule. Here you can edit the name, weight, conditions, and disabled components of the rule;
    Edit DCC rule
  • If you want to add a new rule, click 'Add rule'. Give the rule a name, weight, condition, and disabled components.
    New DCC rule

To activate a new DCC score version, you need to switch the version to active. 

Switch DCC to active


Compare DCC score versions

NOTE: the the side-by-side DCC score comparison is only possible on product level.

The side-by-side comparison of the DCC score can be useful when creating a new DCC version. You can check if a new version adds value, before actually activating the version. 

To compare DCC score versions for a specific product, you:

  • Navigate to a dashboard > Product details;
  • In the product details, click on the DCC score;
    Product details DCC
  • Click on 'Edit DCC criteria';
    Edit dcc criteria
  • The DCC score editor opens. Here you click on 'side-by-side' comparison. The filters matching the product details are taken over;
  • You can compare multiple different versions to each other. You always compare to the version you choose in the first column. In the overview, you also see a pro-forma calculation; SiteLucent calculates the difference in DCC score before you actually change the active DCC score.