How to set a default date (range) on a dashboard

If you set a default date (range) to a dashboard, this date (range) will be automatically applied whenever you open the dashboard.

To set (or change) a default date (range) on a dashboard, you first:

  • Enter the dashboard for which you want to set (or change) the default date (range).
  • Then you click the pencil icon, right next to the dashboard name (edit dashboard)

data range dashboard sitelucent

  • Then click the ‘settings’ tab at the top right side of your screen.
  • Select rolling date (range)
select date range dashboard ecommerce
  • Or fixed date (range)

select fixed date dashboard ecommerce

  • Select the date (range) you want as a default setting for the dashboard in question. Please note that if you select (any date range that includes) 'today', data might not me complete for that day.
  • Then click the 'save button'.