How to edit/update existing Saved Filters

In this article, we explain how you can edit or update an existing Saved Filter.

There are two ways to edit/update existing saved filters:

Via 'Saved Filters'

To edit existing saved filters via the 'Saved Filters' overview, you first:

  • Navigate to the saved filters overview in the menu .
  • Here you see the name of the saved filter, the used tags, in which dashboard the saved filter is used, and the owner.
  • To edit one of the filters, you click the pencil icon pencil-solid
  • Here you can edit the name of the saved filter and the filters used.
  • Click 'Update'.

Via a dashboard

To update an existing saved filter via a dashboard, you first:

  • Navigate to a random dashboard dashboard-icon.
  • Select the saved filter you wish you update.
  • (De)select the filter options of your choice.
  • Click the save-icon  save-duotone
  • Select 'Update existing filter'.

    update filters sitelucent
  • Select the Saved filter you want to update.

    update filters sitelucent
  • Click save.