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How to update the name and weight of DCC components

The DCC score is build up of 3 main components. In this article we explain how to edit the components' default names and weights.

By default the 3 components are as follows:

  • Minimal Content. Weight 60%
  • Basic Content. Weight 30%
  • Extended content. Weight 10%

To update the name and weight of DCC components you first:

  • Navigate to 'Account setup'.

    account setup sitelucent
  • Click 'DCC score'.

    dcc score sitelucent
  • Click the pencil-icon of the DCC component you wish to edit.

    dcc product content component
  • Then adjust the name and weighting of the component.
  • Click the save-button.

    custom kpi product content
  • Make sure that the total of the 3 components together, is 100%.


You can exclude one or two of the components by assigning 0% weight to it, for instance:

  • Set the weight of the Minimal Content component to 0%.
  • This way only the basic content and extended content rules will be included in your DCC score.
  • Set for both Basic Content as well as Extended Content a weight of 50%.

    custom kpi monitoring software ecommerce