How to use Language-, Country- and Currency-Specific Attributes

In this article, we explain what language-, country- and currency-specific attributes are and how to add them to a product list

You could already fill out Attributes in Column Z - AS in a product list.
What are attributes for?
  • Add attributes such as colour, weight, size and main keywords to identify gaps and inconsistencies in product content.
  • Add the attribute 'RSP' (Recommended Retail Price) to measure price deviations.

Language-, country- and currency-specific attributes

You can additionally add language-, country- and currency-specific values ​​as attributes to a product list. For instance, in the case of the RSP:

  1. Language: RSP [ISO language 2-letter code]. e.g. RSP [nl_NL]
  2. Country: RSP [ISO country code]. e.g. RSP [GB]
  3. Currency: RSP [ISO currency code]. e.g. RSP [SEK]

Our tool determines which value is applicable at which time, based on the retailer and associated country, currency and language. The order applies as above. 'Fallback' is the default (without addition -> RSP itself).

Product attributes

Image 1: example of Language-, country- and currency-specific RSP

In the example (image 1) above, this means that the tool will apply the following order of values:

  • First, the value in column AD because it is the most specific (language-country combination). For instance, the case for rows 2,10 and 11.
  • Then the value in column Z, because it is the 2nd most specific (country-specific). For instance, the case for rows 6 and 21.
  • Then the value in column AC, because this one is not so specific since the euro currency is used in many countries. For instance, the case for row 4.
  • And last, the value in column AB, which is the 'fallback'. For instance, the case for rows 1 and 2.

Language-Country combinations

In Belgium, both the Dutch and French languages are spoken. In that case, you can add a language-country combination - a column with the title: RSP [nl_BE] and a column with the title: RSP [fr_BE] if the values differ per language.

More than 1 value applies

If more than one value may apply, the range is displayed; e.g. if multiple country-specific RSPs are specified for 1 product (and in combination with currency and languages), and the retailers are displayed NEXT to each other. that only applies in the 'Pricing overview' widget.


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