How to use the image similarity module

In this article, we explain how you can use the image similarity module.

Are you still manually checking if your retailers uploaded product images with the new packaging? Our image similarity module shows you instantly where images match and where they don't. 

Note: currently, we only track the first image shown in an image carousel. 

To use our image similarity module, you:

  • Navigate to the image similarity dashboard. 
  • Filter on the products you want to use in the image similarity module. For example, you filter on a specific retailer and focus on your top brands on that retailer.
  • Click on 'Add image' in the overview. Here you can upload the reference image that SiteLucent uses to reference against the product images on the retailer's website.
  • Upload your reference image on the screen that pops up.

Note: your reference image must be a PNG/JPEG, min. 300 x 300 pixels.

  • Choose the retailers for which the reference image counts. For example, Amazon uses A+ content, so you might want to use a specific reference image for Amazon. Click 'Done' and 'Save' when you upload your images.
  • When uploaded correctly, you'll see the following message

Note: you'll see results within 24 hours at the next moment of data collection.

In the overview, you'll see different results:

  • Different
  • Highly similar
  • Equal
  • Somewhat similar
  • Check in progress - you'll see this label when you've uploaded an image. 


  • We check your images once a week. When scrolling over the image, you see when it was last checked and when the next check will be done. 
  • The image similarity module is a paid module. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information!


What you'll see in the image similarity module

  • Product images that are 'Equal' to the uploaded reference image
  • Product images that are 'Highly similar to the uploaded reference image
  • Product images that are 'Somewhat similar' to the uploaded reference image
  • Product images that are 'Different' from the uploaded reference image