How to organize tasks in SiteLucent

This article explains how you can use Tasks in SiteLucent and gives you some examples

Tasks help you manage and collaborate with team members on projects and activities. The overview lets you know who is working on what at any given time. 

You can find 'Tasks' here:

Manage tasks

How to create a task:

    • Click on the '+' icon to create a new task;
  • Give the task a name, assign it to yourself or others, define and select the task status 9Open, in progress, done or closed), and (optionally) add comments for yourself or others;

  • The overview shows you all open, in progress, done, or closed tasks.

  • Do you want to notify other users of a comment you added? Simply tag them in the comment section and the user will get notified by e-mail.
    Mention users in task module

Task examples:

  • Let someone add a new product to an existing product list;
  • Add RSPs to your products in a product list;
  • Set up alerts to monitor your review star rating;
  • Let someone analyze why product visibility dropped.

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