What does the product details tab show you?

In this article, we tell you what information you get from the product details tab.

What information can you see in the product details?

  • Summary - get an overview of the product title, DCC score, price, offers, and stock availability. 
  • Price & Availability - see at what retailers your product is in- or out-of-stock, what the original price and selling price are, and the stock and delivery texts. 
  • Promotions - you'll see the promotion title, images when available, additional text and the webpage link in the promotion.
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  • Page Content - see the DCC score for the specific product, number of images per retailer, number of videos per retailer, product title, product subtitle, and if description and bullet points are present on the PDP. 
  • Customer Reviews - see the number of reviews, rating, and the number of reviews available for you to read completely. 
  • Awards - find out if your products received awards that are visible on the product detail page. 
  • Search Results - shows you the position on a specific keyword on a retailer, the search page your product is on, and if applicable, the search volumes.
  • Category Listing - shows you the category your product shows up in, and the position your product is in.
  • PDP - gives you an overview of all the information we found on the product's PDP on different retailers. All the information you can find in the dashboards, you also see in this overview. 
  • Trends - find out what trends we found for your product on the DCC score, stock, days out of stock, reviews, rating, images, video, selling price, search rank and category rank.