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Product Visibility - Dashboard Walkthrough

In this article, we will walk you through the Product Visibility Dashboard

With the Visibility dashboard, you can monitor your brands' ranking positions for important keywords & category pages. Use our pricing, content, and stock availability data to constantly optimise product pages for eCommerce search engines.


How does it work? An Example

We will show you how it works by the example below.

First, we set our view filters on the left. For this example, we have selected: 

  • The brands: Samsung, Apple, Garmin, and Fitbit. 
  • The retailers: BCC, Bol, Coolblue, and Mediamarkt NL 
  • The keywords: ‘Wearable’ and ‘Smartwatch’.

  • Click ‘apply filters’. 
  • The  3 (new) top search bars are by default set: Top-10 results, based on keyword search, looking at products that match my filters. 


Visibility Share

The first two widgets display the visibility share: The % of products that shows up in the top 10 results of the selected retailers for the chosen search keywords. 


Visibility Share Matrix 

The matrix below shows the visibility share per keyword per brand for each selected retailer. 

The keyword 'smartwatch' on retailer Coolblue shows in the top 10 search results: 5 Apple products, 1 Samsung product, 2 Fitbit, and 2 Garmin products: 


Search result details 

The search results details table makes it possible to zoom in to search rankings on the product level. 

Search engine optimisation for Marketplaces and retailer websites is inextricably linked with Conversion Rate Optimisation.  

It pays to invest in CRO on product detail pages constantly since more sales lead to better organic positions. Provide appealing images and videos, strong titles and descriptions, and pay special attention to stock, delivery time and pricing. 

Use SiteLucents' Content Completeness Score to monitor and optimise product pages on all eCommerce channels.