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Stop marketing your brands' products that are out of stock! Better manage your inventory by anticipating availability issues in the future.

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Our sales department uses SiteLucent to take control of the online product availability across all e-retailers.

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Do you know if retailers have your products in stock?

checkbox Daily check availability rates on all channels

checkbox Zoom in on priority items and online out-of-stocks

checkbox Switch dimensions to see the availability rate per SKU, brand, retailer, or marketplace seller

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availability rate per retailer

Track product availability - all channels under one roof.

Availability overview per retailer

Days Out-of-stock

checkbox Track the length and timing of each product stock-out

checkbox Anticipate potential supply issues in the future

checkbox Download product availability data in 1 click

Each day out-of-stock is one too many.

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Track online out-of-stock length

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