eCommerce inventory management

Stay on top of product availability 

Stop risking lost sales and consumer loyalty by monitoring product availability across online retailers. SiteLucent shows you a daily-updated view of which products are out of stock and for how long. 

eCommerce inventory management

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" Our sales department uses SiteLucent to take control of the online product availability across all e-retailers  "

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Availability rates 

The availability rate metric shows the percentage of products that are available within the defined total product portfolio. 

Switch dimensions to see the availability rate per brand, retailer, or seller.

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Availability rate


How many days are your products out of stock?

Each day is one too many. Track the length and timing of each product stock-out and anticipate potential supply issues in the future.

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Out-of-stock issues


Lost sales

Stock-outs lead to lost sales, but also result in reduced customer satisfaction and lower loyalty levels.

The more days a product is sold out, the more buyers will be disappointed and the more sales you will lose. Stay on top of out-of-stock issues so you can take action as quickly as possible!

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