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Because everyone should be able to take control of their online shelves. No credit card required.
  • Monitor 500 Product Pages
  • Add blocks of 250 PDP's starting at € 0,18 per PDP
  • Monitor 2 webshops
  • Monitor 5 search keywords per webshop
  • Customize dashboards
  • Access via API
  • Online helpcenter
  • Personalized onboarding & support
  • Extended Support options



Scale up!

Unlock extra features and create your own dashboards. Scale at your own pace and pay for what you need. 
  • Monitor 500 Product Pages
  • Add blocks of 250 PDP's starting at € 0,18 per PDP
  • Unlimited webshops
  • Monitor 100 search keywords per webshop
  • Customize dashboards
  • Access via API
  • Online helpcenter
  • Personalized onboarding & support
  • Extended Support options

Premium Plus


Tailor made

Customize your widgets and tailor made dashboards to take full control. Get on-site personalized training sessions and extended support.
  • Monitor 2.500 Product Pages
  • Add blocks of 250 PDP's starting at € 0,16 per PDP
  • Unlimited webshops
  • Monitor 100 search keywords per webshop
  • Customize dashboards & widgets
  • Access via API
  • Online helpcenter
  • On-site personalized training & support
  • Extended Support options



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PDP?

PDP stands for Product Detail Page. A product detail page is a web page on an eCommerce site that presents a specific product. On a Product Detail Page we usually find a product title, product images and video's, a product description, price, specifications and reviews. 

How many products can I monitor with a free account?

When you sign up for a free account you can directly start monitoring 500 Product Detail Pages on a maximum of 2 webshops.

How can I choose the product pages that I want to monitor?

After you create a free account, you have to walk through a product selection . Here you can choose the webshops, brands and product categories you wish to start monitoring. 

How do I know if my products are available in SiteLucent's database?

We daily monitor over 1.000.000 product detail pages, mainly in the categories consumer electronics, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). It can occur that your products (or your competitors' products) are not covered in our database yet. We want to hear from you what you are missing, to see if we can add them asap.  There is an option to request product categories, brands and retailers in the product selection process when you create a free account. You can also write us a message via the contact form below to check if your products are already covered or not. More product categories, brands and retailers (worldwide) are added weekly.

Is there a time limitation when using a free account?

No, there is no time limit. SiteLucent chose to offer a forever free version to make eCommerce web monitoring accessible for everyone. We care about that you reach your goals. If these fit within the free version, perfect! Remember, you can grow at your own pace anytime and switch plan whenever your goals ask for it. The sky is the limit!

Which dashboards do I have access to when using a free account?

With a free account you have access to 5 default dashboards. Each of the default 5 dashboards covers a specific topic and contains widgets that can uncover insights to the topic in question. 

The following 5 default dashboards can be found in the Main Dashboard Tab:

  1. Product Listing & Pricing
  2. Product Content Completeness
  3. Product Availability
  4. Ratings & Reviews
  5. Improve Search Results

Each dashboard contains a default set of widgets, related to the topic in question.

What is a widget?

A widget is basically a small application that visualizes your data and thus makes it easy understandable and applicable. SiteLucent currently uses 6 different visualization types: KPI, scatter plot, line chart, bar chart, data table and product overview.

Besides visualization type, a widget can show you different metrics (such as availability, digital completeness score or search rank). Also the dimension, aggregation, time range and, in case of a data table, the table fields can change per widget.

Can I customize dashboards and widgets?

With a free account you have access to preset dashboards and widgets (see question: Which dashboards to I have access to when using a free account). With a Premium account, you can create your own dashboards by selecting widgets that are available in the SiteLucent 'library'. With a Premium Plus account you can create own widgets, together with one of our specialists who will make sure your ideas and wishes become reality. 

What metrics do i have access to when using a free account?

SiteLucent daily monitors over 70 different metrics on product detail pages all over the web. With a free account you have access to default dashboards with default widgets. Within these widgets, the following metrics are available:

  • Product listing: Is a product covered (found online) Y/N?
  • Availability: Is the product in stock Y/N?
  • Days out of stock.
  • Stock text e.g. "Attention: almost sold out!" and delivery text e.g.: "order before 23.59, delivered the next day".
  • Buy Box Coverage:  The number of products for which sellers "own" the buy box. In case of other sellers: Who are other sellers?
  • Selling price and an optional original price.
  • Digital Content Completeness score (DCC score) which includes many metrics that you can read more about here.
  • Review count and review score (star rating).
  • Search rank and category rank. Read more about the search dashboard here.

If you want to learn more about the widget types we use in SiteLucent you can read it here.

What is a DCC score?

If you start using SiteLucent, one of the terms you are bound to come across is the DCC score. The DCC Score is calculated by comparing the content found for the selected product(s) to the defined completeness criteria, and shows the percentage of criteria that are met. 

In short: The DCC score tells you how complete the content of your products online actually is. 

How is the content completeness of my products calculated?

To measure the completeness of a products' content, we use the Digital Content Completeness score (DCC score). The DCC score is a weighted average of 3 components. The 3 components' criteria are as follows:

  • Minimal Content
    EAN/UPC or MPN code present
    Selling price present
    At least 1 customer review
    Star rating of at least 3.5
    At least 1 product image present
    Specs table present
    Product description present
    Brand name present in the product title
  • Basic Content 
    At least 3 images present
    Product title contains 7+ words
    Description contains 30+ words
    At least 20 customer reviews
    Rating of at least 4.0
  • Extended Content
    Rich (vendor provided) content present
    At least 1 product video
    At least 10 customer reviews
    Star rating of 4.0 or higher.
Can SiteLucent monitor products that are 'locked' behind a login?

Yes, we already do this for B2B partners of brands such as Signify. We would need login credentials and permission from your B2B partner to track their products 'behind' this login. In some cases we make additional agreements so that the product monitoring has as little impact as possible on their platform. 

How can I reach out to you when I need help?

We are happy to help you and want to hear from you whenever you get stuck. This way we can help you reach your goals and you help us improving our software and service continuously.  You can reach us via our contact form or via the live chat option on the right bottom of your screen. 

We can also set up a guided demo of SiteLucent for you, which will be customized as much as possible to your situation and needs.

Use our live chat option on the right side of your screen to directly get in contact with us! Or fill the form on the left and we will get in touch with you soon.

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