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Offering an online brand quickscan is our newest proposition. As an intro offer, the scan is 100% FREE. Meanwhile, we aim to further develop and improve our reports with your feedback! Be quick, and request yours before September 30!

The quickscan shows you:


icon-metrics Selling Prices

Get an overview of selling prices and protect margins and your brand value proposition. 

icon-metrics Review Count

If you want to filter and zoom in on products with 0 or negative reviews.

icon-metrics Image & Video Count

Identify shortcomings in content such as missing images and videos.

icon-metrics Availability Rate

To find out which products are out of stock and for how long.

icon-metrics Product Listings

If you want to be sure which part of your assortment is actually live on your resellers websites.

icon-metrics Competing Products

Type a competitor brand name in the form below to check out prices, assortment and content of your competitor.


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eCommerce price monitoring

Inventory management

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Optimize content

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Track reviews

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Assortment monitoring

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