Optimize Product Pages

Correct and complete content on product pages lead to higher engagement and more conversions.

Prevent a mismatch between shoppers' expectations and reality. Identify shortcomings in content such as missing images and videos. Optimize product pages with keyword-rich descriptions and make sure your brands' name is mentioned in a product title.

To prevent returns, check if product dimensions, colors and other specifications are correct across all product detail pages. 

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Optimize eCommerce product pages

" SiteLucent monitors if product titles, dimensions and colors are displayed correctly, across all online channels "

Stephanie Meijer - Digital Content & Campaign Manager at Coram

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Tweak, measure, learn

Set your products' content criteria and take the steering wheel

  • The Digital Content Completeness (DCC) Score will give you an upfront overview of the average content completeness of your selection of products;
  • Data tables directly show what content is missing on product level. Download the full data and share it within your organization for follow up and monitor results.

It is possible to customize the DCC score criteria, so you can measure what really matters to YOUR business. Please let us know your wishes!

Optimize ecommerce product content

Reference: Signify

Interested in how Signify Benelux adjusted minimal content criteria and improved content completeness on retailer bol.com?

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