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Is your complete product portfolio available online, at the stores of your customer's choice? At what price points and, on marketplaces, who 'won' the buy box?

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Portfolio coverage

Losing a lot of time and effort manually tracking all online channels and translating all that data to take the correct action? Use our tools, upload specific product lists and setup your own dashboards to instantly get the complete picture you need! Get answers directly to questions like: 

  • Is my portfolio properly listed?
  • Which products are missing?
  • How do prices compare over all retailers and marketplaces?
  • In detail: which retailer increased or lowered the price of my product first?

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Analyse price points and  competition on marketplaces

Get an instant overview of competing sellers on marketplaces: who won the buy box and who is selling your products at a discount? Get insights on price points of your products at every online retailer of your choosing.

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