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Start using our monitoring tool directly for free or try the premium version in a monthly subscription. In need of a larger data range or extended support? Contact us for a Premium Plus or Enterprise service package!

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Try the new Freemium packages!

  • Start monitoring a limited set of products on a maximum of 2 webshops directly online, for free!
  • Need to monitor a bigger set of products or webshops? You can directly upgrade to premium online.
  • No credit card or other payment credentials needed until you choose to upgrade to premium. 
  • In the beta version, mainly consumer electronics, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products and webshops in the Netherlands are covered. More product segments and countries are added each month.
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More pricing info on freemium

  • Limited set of products in free
    In the free package, a maximum of 500 PDP's can be monitored, spread over a maximum of 2 webshops.
  • Adding products for € in premium
    In the premium package, blocks of 250 PDP's can be added for a starting price of € 0,18,- per PDP.
  • Adding webshops or brands in premium
    In the premium package you can add webshops and brands to monitor that are available in the app. For webshops and brands that are not yet available, you can send us a request and we will inform  you if and when the webshop or brand can be added.
  • Customize dashboards: basic or full?
    Dashboards in SiteLucent software are are compiled from widgets (essentially they can be used like 'lego-blocks'). Widgets can have various forms, like KPI's, bar charts, line graphs or tables. In the free package, only pre set dashboards can be used with fixed widgets. In the premium package, you can also setup your own dashboards by selecting widgets available in the library. In the premium plus and enterprise packages you can even request SiteLucent to make a new widget!
  • Monitor search performance: keywords
    In the free package, you can monitor the search results of 5 keywords per webshop. In the premium package this number can grow to 100 per webshop.
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