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The new online version of our monitoring tool is live! Not sure if it fits your needs? Sign up for a free account and try it for as long as you want! No credit card or other payment credentials are needed until you choose to upgrade to premium.
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Why Freemium?

We believe eCommerce data & insights should be accessible for everyone, worldwide. All eCommerce, category and trade marketing professionals can now get answers directly online to questions like “Are all my products listed online, are they on stock and at which price points?” to “How is my product's content presented on all webshops and what are customers saying about it in reviews?”. To get found online, product content has to be optimized to secure the top spots on the search results pages of growing webshops and marketplaces like Amazon. Ecommerce teams can now use our data & insights directly online to tackle these challenges!


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Same data, faster access, better UX

  • Check the availability of your products at the webshops and marketplaces you selected in your online setup.
  • Monitor the content completeness and findability of your products on these channels.
  • Get an instant overview of competing sellers on marketplaces like who won the buy box and who is selling your products at a discount?
  • Get insights on price points of your products at the webshops you selected.

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What's new?

  • Start monitoring a limited set of products on a maximum of 2 webshops directly online, for free!
  • Need to monitor a bigger set of products or webshops? You can directly upgrade to premium online.
  • No credit card or other payment credentials needed until you choose to upgrade to premium. 
  • In the beta version, mainly consumer electronics, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products and webshops in the Netherlands are covered. More product segments and countries are added each month.
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