From digital shelf data to results

Your SiteLucent team supports you in fully implementing digital shelf software in your organization and translating your eCommerce data into results.


How we support you in implementing our software into your organization



One of our Customer Success Managers guides you through the SiteLucent onboarding process.

Dedicated specialist

A dedicated specialist ensures in weekly calls that your goals and our solutions stay aligned.

Hands-on support

You always have access to hands-on help, troubleshooting and advice.

Custom support

We design custom dashboards, widgets and content scorecards to your needs.

Up-to-date assortment

New or obsolete products? We help you keep your product assortment lists up to date.

User management

We manage user accounts and provide the necessary training to new users.

“Mike, our dedicated Customer Success Manager, guided us through the entire implementation. Whenever we had questions, the response was quick and clear. A lot is possible, but, most importantly, we got a solution that fits our needs and our company. The whole process went smoothly because of the great support we received from SiteLucent!.”


Do more with fewer people by automation

With fewer human resources available and more online retail partners than ever before, Lars and Nick want to track their products online on Dutch and Belgian key retailer websites. They want their products to constantly live up to the customer expectations, be brand-compliant and look the part on the digital shelf. Read how SiteLucent helped them!

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How we support you in turning data into results

Our software gives you the technology to collect eCommerce data. But data that go unused are no different from data you never collected in the first place. It's our goal to help you translate your data into insight, insight into action, and action into result.

Digital shelf analytics
  • Customize

  • Share Insights

  • Execute

Customize KPIs to your Business

  • A dedicated expert who understands your business' structure, priorities, and targets
  • High-Level identification of opportunities and recommendation on focus areas (gap-analysis)
  • A customized plan to meet your short and long term KPIs
  • eCommerce Competitor analysis, revealing ways to stand out on the digital shelf

Share Valuable Insights to the Right People

  • A distinction between random and useless data and valuable information
  • Alerts that deliver valuable insights to the right people at the right moment
  • Team training by our customer success experts, tailored by job
  • Customisable (content) scorecards to track progress on brand, retailer, or country-level

Execute the Developed Plan to Win the Digital Shelf

  • Our digital shelf analysts support you to deliver an excellent online Product Experience on all channels
  • Regular performance reviews to keep you progressing toward your goals
  • Improve product experiences to increase Sales across pure players, Omni-channels, and marketplaces
  • Lean on our experienced people for answering tough questions

Need clarification?

What support packages can I choose?

We offer 2 types of support:

  1. Extended support: weekly calls, account maintenance and a dedicated customer success manager for hands-on support.
  2. Analytics support: A dedicated digital shelf analyst who translates your data into results.

How much does extra support cost?

Extended support: 50 EUR per hour, starting from a minimum of 2 hours a month.

Analytics support: Starting from 750 EUR a month.

Do I pay extra for onboarding?

For onboarding, a one-off of 1200 EUR/Y is included in both the monthly and yearly prices obtained from the pricing calculator on our website.

The onboarding process takes up to 2 to 3 months. Read more about the onboarding steps here!

Is support mandatory for a paid plan?

No. Besides the first 2-3 months of onboarding, support is not part of your paid plan by default. We do strongly advise working with our experts who can:

  • Do regular account maintenance, so you always have the correct and most updated data.
  • Translate the data into specific actions for your teams.

“There's no point in spending money on something great and then never learning to use it properly. That's why we want to understand your digital shelf challenges and educate and support you and your teams on tackling them. Our goal is to deliver a cloud-based solution that is fully integrated into your organization so that everyone can use it effectively."


Tell us about your challenges

Get in touch with one of our tool specialists today. They can show you SiteLucent in action and work with you to create an action plan for achieving your goals on the digital shelf.