3 Ways to Boost your Reseller Online Sales

  May 24, 2022        11 AM (CET)

3 Ways to Boost Reseller Sales

Get a pulse on your key retail partners


Today's consumers often bounce between channels, searching for the best products, services, and prices. Keeping your brand's presence consistent and prices stable and competitive on all online channels is essential to converting shoppers to purchase.

But how? By monitoring and connecting your brands with resellers.

In our upcoming webinar, Serdar Hiçyılmaz from SiteLucent, and Jos Raaijmakers from Vendie, reveal how to get a pulse on your key retail partners and connect them to your brands to increase sales.

In our webinar, you'll learn how you can:

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Webinar Hosts

Serdar Hiçyılmaz

Business Developer at SiteLucent

Jos Raaijmakers

Owner and Business developer at Vendie

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