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How to add a rule to the DCC score

Customize the Digital Content Completeness score by adding new rules.

To add a new rule to the DCC score you first:

  • Navigate to 'Account setup'.

    sitelucent dcc score
  • Click 'DCC score'.

    digital content completeness
  • Click on the center of the component to which you want to add a new rule. In the image below we have clicked the Minimal Content-component.

    product content ecommerce
  • Click 'Add rule'. 

    product content ecommerce kpi

Some examples

I would like to add:

  • A rule to my minimal content criteria/rules.
  • I want to measure if my product descriptions contain at least 300 words.
I want to give it a 5% weight within the total minimal content component. 

kpi product page ecommerce


You can delete an existing rule by clicking the trash-bin icon right next to the weight of a rule. Click the save button.