How to add new users

Add new users and assign roles to them.

To add a new user you first:

  • Navigate to 'Account setup'.

    account setup sitelucent
  • Click 'User management'

    add new users sitelucent
  • Click '+ Add user'

    multiple users ecommerce software
  • Fill out email and name
  • Create a password
  • Optional: Select checkbox to require user to change password on next login
  • Optional: Select a date if you want to allow access until a desired date.
  • Click Save.

    multiple users ecommerce data software
  • Please note: The newly added user will not receive an automatic email, so please inform the user (i.e. via email) when the account is ready for use.
  • The new user can login on
  • Read here how you can assign a specific role or privilege to a user.