Assign user roles

Learn how to give a user Admin rights or Read-Only rights, and what each user role means.

To assign a user role to a user you first:

  • Navigate to 'Account setup'.

    user roles sitelucent
  • Click 'User management'

    user management sitelucent
  • Click the 'roles' icon for the relevant user.

    assign user roles sitelucent
  • Select nothing, Administrators, Disable data filters or Read-only access. Read below what these user roles mean.

    different user roles sitelucent
  • Click : Apply'.

What do the different user roles mean:

  • Administrators: User has access to admin functionalities (product lists, user management, e.g.)
  • Disable data filters: User has no access to the filter panel, except the "saved filters" and date range. As a result, that person can only make selections based on shared saved filter(s) that were shared.

  • Read-Only: User has no write rights, only read-rights. For instance, the Read-only user does not have access to edit/create a dashboard, widgets or product lists. Read-Only users can only use existing components and not create new ones. 

Place a restriction on access to (a) specific retailer(s) by creating a new user role.