How to build a product list

In this article, we explain how you can build a product list from scratch directly in the tool.

To build your product list in SiteLucent, you:

  • Navigate to ‘Product lists’.
    Navigate to product lists
  • Click ‘Add product list’ on the upper right side of your screen.
    Add a product list
  • Click 'Create a product list from scratch'.
    Create a product list
  • Name your product list.
    Name the product list
  • Choose ‘Standard’ or ‘Retailer assortment’.
  • ONLY switch on ‘Manufacturing mode’ if you are the manufacturer of the products in your product list.

Manufacturing Mode: If the Manufacturing Mode is switched on, all values from the product list are seen as true and all existing product records are overwritten.

Manufacturing mode build a product list

  • Click ‘Submit’.
    Submit the product list
  • Now you’re redirected to the product list overview.
  • Click on the product list you just created.
    Click the new product list
  • Click on the ‘+’ on the upper right side of your screen to add a 'product' or 'field' to the product list to build your product list.
    Create your product list
  • If you changed your mind, read our article on how to upload a product list.