How to upload a product list

In this article we explain how to upload a Standard- or Retailer Assortment Product List.

After you have created a Standard Product List or a Retailer Assortment Product List, it is time to upload it into SiteLucent. 

Watch a short video here

To upload a product list you first:

  • Navigate to 'Product lists'.

    upload product list sitelucent

  • Click 'Add product list' on the upper right side of your screen.

    add product lists sitelucent
  • Name your product list
  • Upload the (retailer assortment) product list from your computer. 
  • Click 'Submit'. 

It may take some minutes before the products are validated. If the processed date indicates  “Success”, the product list upload went successful.  It can help to refresh the page after some minutes.

By default your product list is inactive.

  • Use the slider to finally activate your product list.

activate product lists sitelucent