How to change the dimension of a widget

Change the dimension of a line chart or bar chart widget into Retailer, Brand, Country, and more.

The below-mentioned way of overriding a widget is temporary. If you wish to fix a widget dimension, check out this article.

Change a widget dimension quickly

  • You can quickly select the 3 most used dimensions (brand, retailer, country) and navigate to other dimension options at the right bottom of a widget. Watch the short video to see how it works.


The steps to change the dimension of a widget

To change the dimension of a widget temporary, you first:

  • Navigate to a dashboard.
  • Click the hamburger menu on the right top of a widget.

    Override dimension step 1
  • Click 'Override dimension'.

    Override dimension step 2

We can define the following standard dimensions:

Custom dimensions can be created by adding tags to a product list. This way, you can, for instance, analyse the product availability by product category or subcategory.

  • Select a standard dimension or a tag from your product list. Then click 'Save'.

    Override dimension step 3


NOTE: You can apply custom dimensions from product list tags to all widgets, except widgets that contain the following metrics:

  • Listing completeness
  • Buy-box share
  • Brand share of search