How to set up scheduled data exports

This article explains how you can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly data exports to email.

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To schedule an export of widget data you first:

  • Enter the dashboards section  dashboard-icon 

TIP: To make a one-off data export, check out this article

NOTE: The filters applied at the moment you schedule data exports, are the filters that will apply to your export. You can set up multiple exports on the same dashboard/widget, with different filters each time.

  • Click on the 'hamburger menu'  bars-regular  which you can find in the upper right corner of each widget.

    ecommerce software data export
  • Then click  file-export-light  'Data export' 

    ecommerce monitoring software data export
  • Switch to the tab 'Schedule'

    schedule data export ecommerce analytcs
  • Give your scheduled export a subject name.
  • Choose a rolling date.
  • Set a start and end date for the period in which you want to receive emails.
  • Choose your preferred time of day (default 9.00 AM) and frequency.
  • Select Recipients.

    automatic monthly data export ecommerce
  • Click Save.
  • Read the following article to learn how to edit scheduled exports: How to edit scheduled exports