How to edit scheduled data exports to your (teams') mailbox

In this article, we explain how you can edit (the filter and export-, schedule-, and recipients information of) scheduled data exports.

TIP: If you did not schedule automatic data reports yet, read this article first to learn how it works: How to set up scheduled data exports.

To edit existing scheduled exports you first:

  • Navigate to scheduled exports
  • Click the pencil icon in the action section of the scheduled export you want to edit.

Edit the filter setting

  • Set the preferred filters in the left filter menu.

NOTE: The filters applied at the moment you schedule data exports, are the filters that will apply to your export. You can set up multiple exports on the same dashboard/widget, with different filters each time.

Edit the export information

Edit the:

  • Subject
  • Filename
  • Rolling date
  • File type: CSV or Excel

Edit the schedule information

Edit the:

  • Start and end date of the period you wish to export data.
  • The time you wish to export the data (We use the Amsterdam time zone)
  • The frequency in which you want to export data
  • Which specific days in the week or month that you want to export data.

Edit the Recipients 

Edit the:

  • Recipients you want to receive the scheduled exports by email. 

  • Click Save.