How to measure price deviations from RSP

You can add the attribute 'RSP' (Recommended Retail Price) to a product list, to measure price deviations.

To measure price deviations, you need to add a column to your product list named 'RSP'. If you have already uploaded a product list, you can edit your product list and skip the steps 1 - 3.

  1. Navigate to 'Product lists'.
    edit ecommerce product lists
  2. Download a Standard product list template
    product list template ecommerce
  3. Fill out the mandatory fields ( Column A - E):

    GTIN Code The GTIN code (i.e. EAN, UPC, ISBN, etc.), is a unique code assigned to a product to identify it. 
    Brand name The official brand name of the product.
    MPN Code 1 The Manufacturer Product Number. Please note: An ASIN is NOT an MPN code.
    MPN Code 2 An additional MPN code. Please note: An ASIN is NOT an additional MPN code.
    Product name The official name of the product. Use your companies standard language.
  4. Fill out the Attribute 'RSP' (Column Z - AS)
    Make sure you name the column exactly - RSP
  5. Add the values for 'RSP' (Recommended Retail Price) to measure price deviations.

    recommended retail price
  6. When ready, upload your product list.
  7. Then add the widget(s) 'Average deviation from RSP (absolute)', 'Average deviation from RSP (percentage)', and data table 'retailer pricing overview'.deviation recommended retail price