How to create a new alert via the Alerts menu

You can set alerts and notifications in 2 ways. In the video below, we show you how to set a new alert via the alert menu.

Alerting New Interface (With Screen)


The steps to create a new alert:

  • Navigate to 'Alerts'
  • Apply preferred filters
  • Choose the preferred notification method(s)
  • Select users who we should notify
  • Indicate the title of your alert (max. 100 characters)
  • Choose the aggregation function
  • Select a KPI on which you want to set the alert
  • Select a Date preset: When you select "Today", the tool checks whether the data collection for today - for that selection - is already complete and (if yes) do the check and then send an alert.
  • Set a Threshold condition and value.
  • Click 'Save'.