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How to track Search Category Pages or URLs

Monitor search results of your products within a category page by adding category URLs.

  • To create a Search Category you first:
  • Navigate to 'Account setup'.

Account setup
  • Click 'Retailer configuration' to see an overview of the retailers in your account.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon 🔍 below a retailer of choice to add search keywords and category URLs. In the below example we add a category URL to retailer Bol.com.

    Add search categories
  • Click 'Create category'.

    ecommerce monitoring products
  • Name the category in which you want to start monitoring your products' search results.
  • Navigate to the retailer's site, go to a certain category page, and copy-paste the URL. 

    ecommerce search results retailers
  • Make sure the changeover switch is set to 'Active'.

    dashabord ecommerce search results

  • Switch to Category/Listing pages in the top filter menu, and select the desired search categories.

NOTE: It typically takes one hour before you see the category search results in the visibility dashboard.

  • Read more about the visibility dashboard filters in this article.