What are the steps of Onboarding

Welcome, good to have you on board! You and your team will walk through the SiteLucent onboarding, guided by our Customer Success Team. On average the onboarding takes 2 to 3 months.

The main goals of the onboarding are to:

  • Get to know each other better;
  • Customize settings to meet your business structure and goals;
  • Train you and the entire team in working with SiteLucent;
  • Get the maximum value and best experience out of our software from day one.

We can divide the onboarding process into the following 5 steps:

Download an infographic here


Onboarding process sitelucent

Step 1: Goals and Structure

Tell us a bit about you. We will discuss the goals and structure of your business. We think we can work more pleasant if we know each other well and we can map and customize dashboards and all settings to your needs. 

  • How is your company and its target markets structured (e.g. market segments you wish to monitor, geographically organized?)
  • What are you trying to achieve by using SiteLucent?
  • Who is/are the people and teams who will be working with SiteLucent and what are their specific roles, tasks, goals, and needs?

Step 2: Product Lists, Matching, and Coverage

An introduction to Product list(s):

  • How to use SiteLucent’s product list template to upload your product assortment(s) and add additional contextual information, like i.e. categorization, etc. This will help you slice and dice product data more granularly later.
  • Data validation and mapping: ensuring all products are properly found and available, and ‘map’ to the correct product information.

Step 3: Account Configuration & Customization

User accounts:

Customize dashboards:

  • Dashboard customization: Discuss if and how we need to customize the default dashboard and filter settings, in order to meet your business goals and ensure relevance to the target audience(s).
  • DCC customization: Define the criteria to measure the correctness and completeness of the content on each product detail page.
  • Additional: Upload a list of search keywords.

Step 4: User Training(s)

The purpose of the tool training is:

  • To get all team members who will start working with SiteLucent familiar with the software;
  • Give all future users a picture of how the tool can add value to their work specifically.

Step 5: Evaluation onboarding process and define next steps

The final step will be an evaluation:

  • We’ll look back at the onboarding process and discuss any remaining ‘open ends’, if applicable.
  • We are eager to learn so we would like to hear from your side what we can do better or differently.
  • We’ll discuss the next steps towards (extended) support, if applicable.

Do you need more info? 

Reach out to info@sitelucent.com and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions related to the onboarding steps.