How to edit product lists

Overview, share, edit, download and delete product lists

To manage product lists:

  • Navigate to 'Product lists'.

    edit product lists sitelucent
  • Here you see an overview of all your product lists and their status. 
  • Quickview: By clicking the product list name or the number of products,  you can view the SKU's and their data.

    sku product lists sitelucent
  • Actions: In the “Actions” column you have the options to:
    • View product list upload information: Take a quick look, without needing to downloading the list.
    • Download your product list
    • Edit your product list: Make changes directly in the tool. Add new fields, new products, and adjust existing products.
    • Share product lists: If you do not share your product list with other users, they can't select the product list in the filter options. They also won't see created product tags (in the filter options) and can't use attributes (in the DCC score).
    • (De-)Activate a product list: If you deactivate the list, you temporary disable the product list, included tags and attributes.
    • Delete a product list: Permanently delete a product list by clicking the trash bin icon. All product data and included product tags and attributes will be lost.  
    Actions product list

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