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One tool for your eCommerce, sales, marketing and supply chain teams to monitor and improve product content, availability, prices and retail search.

Digital Shelf Software

Why SiteLucent for eCommerce Monitoring & Analytics?

All-in-one eCommerce Monitoring tool


Drive eCommerce sales, be brand-compliant, avoid channel conflicts, lower return rates, or all of the above with one tool!

eCommerce alerts

Automated alerts & reports

Switch from guesswork and manual eCommerce operations to automated data reports and alerts.

eCommerce Data Freshness

Data freshness

We refresh your data between 1 and 8 times a day, depending on your challenges and goals.

flexible eCommerce Monitoring software


From custom content scorecards and dashboards to personalised support, flexibility is paramount to our software and people.


Grow online with actual data


  • Product Availability

  • Price Tracking

  • Product Page Content

  • Product Visibility

eCommerce availability monitoring software

Reduce Out-Of-Stocks

Daily out-of-stock alerts and reports tell you if resellers list the right products and if they have stock available. Reduce missing SKUs and stockouts and avoid lost sales.


eCommerce Price Monitoring Software

Protect Profitability

Tracking eCommerce prices helps keep your brands' prices stable and competitive and avoid price wars: Track retailers, third-party sellers, and competitor prices with SiteLucent.

eCommerce Content Monitoring software

Be Brand-compliant

Use our content quality scorecards to identify gaps and inconsistencies on your brands' product pages, optimise content, reduce returns, and create great content experiences.

eCommerce keyword monitoring software

Improve Search Rankings

Monitor your brands' ranking positions for important keywords & category pages and optimise product pages for retail search engines.


What our customers say

“The most useful of working with SiteLucent for me is the overview I receive in my inbox every morning, with all the marketplaces seller and price information I need.”

“Our key retail partners appreciate detailed feedback, backed by SiteLucents' pragmatic data. It enables them to meet the expectations of the shoppers resulting in more sales and a win-win for everyone in the channel.”

“Thanks to SiteLucent, our digital transformation has quickly taken flight by jumping from guesswork to data exports and solid conclusions.”



How we help other brands


With fewer human resources available and more online retail partners than ever before, it's impossible to track search rankings of over 700 product detail pages.


SiteLucent's visibility dashboard shows ranking positions of each product by retailer, keyword and category URL.


TomTom's visibility share in the top-10 search results jumped from 60% to 100% thanks to SiteLucents' retail search data and analytics.


The Cookware Company needed a solution to reach consistent brand presence and stock availability, identify lost buy-boxes to third-party sellers and optimise product content on marketplaces and Amazon UK & NL.


SiteLucents' dashboards provide the marketplace manager and his team with daily updated availability rates, buy-box shares and digital content completeness scores.


The average availability rate on marketplaces bol, Amazon NL and Amazon UK increased by 45% in less than 3 months.


How Brands Can Master Google Shopping



Get our free guide on how brands can create great product experiences on 100+ eCommerce channels. 

Digital Shelf Optimisation Guide

Scale your digital shelf metrics

Take a peek


Take a peek at our software, including a fixed set of products within a segment of your choice.

  • Access to the topic dashboards covering: stock availability, content, price, reviews, buy-box and retail search
  • 9 pre-set dashboards
  • +70 digital shelf metrics
  • A fixed set of products within a segment of your choice
  • 14 days free access
  • No credit card needed

Extra modules


Get extra support and extent our software and its scraping capacity to your needs. Get in touch with sales for a custom quote.

  • Full Ratings & Reviews Module
  • Higher frequency of data collection (default is ones a day)
  • +100 Search Keywords & Category URLs
  • Data retention up to 18 months
  • Weekly meetings with the Customer Succes Team
  • Analytics support

Need clarification?

What is the digital shelf?

You may have heard the term 'The Digital Shelf' before — but what is it, exactly? The digital shelf is where you present your brand online, and shoppers discover, research, and buy your products. Multiply the number of products in your brand portfolios with eCommerce channels you are selling on, and you will have the number of touchpoints on the digital shelf.

Whereas in a brick-and-mortar store, a shopper picks up a product, feels it, and takes a good look at it, and can talk to a sales representative on the floor, digital stores have to give equivalent and excellent shopping experiences on the digital shelves through:

  • Competitive and stable product prices;
  • Constant stock availability;
  • Excellent product content such as images, videos, and other product information on product detail pages;
  • Making products visible online.

By monitoring several data points on the digital shelf with SiteLucent daily, you can optimise eCommerce experiences and eventually grow sales.

For who is digital shelf software?

SiteLucent is a full suite of software built to take control of your brand on the digital shelf. eCommerce, marketing, sales, and supply chain teams can leverage SiteLucent to achieve their goals.

How are SiteLucent prices calculated?

Prices are based on the number of webshops and SKUs you monitor with our software. Starting prices are 50 EUR per retailer per month. When you increase the number of webshops, we apply volume discounts. Also, you can save 10% on the plan price if you pay annually. Calculate your estimated price or get in touch with one of our specialists for a custom quote and a price breakdown. 

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel your subscription monthly before the end of the month: If we do not receive your cancellation before the end of the month, the subscription will be renewed automatically.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can change your subscription at any time. If we have not received the desired changes to your subscription before the end of the month, the original subscription will be automatically renewed.

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