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Michael North

Trade eCommerce Executive at Le Creuset

Ease of use, price, dashboard, there isn't much to not like and it's very user friendly.


Stephanie Meijer

Digital Content Manager at Coram

Thanks to SiteLucents' eCommerce tools, we discovered reseller web shops with only 30 percent of the agreed-upon portfolio listed!



Yuri Ponjee

Key Account Manager at Signify

The SiteLucent tooling is very effective in identifying products with low numbers of reviews and low star rankings.

Monitor & Optimize


Search ranking

Selling prices

Ratings & reviews

Search ranking ecommerce


Track selling prices


monitor customer reviews


Improve the Ranking Position of your products. 


Protect your brand and stay competitive.


Collect all customer feedback and zoom in.



Get a realistic picture of your digital shelf

vink-oranje Track if products are listed, there where they should
vink-oranje Identify gaps and inconsistencies in product content
vink-oranje Monitor search rankings on reseller sites
vink-oranje Zoom in on products with few and negative reviews
vink-oranje Track daily-updated selling prices
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