Channel Insights
for Brands

Delivering a superb online point-of-sales experience is vital for boosting online sales results. We help our clients by providing actionable insights on their online retail channels, with main focus on the point-of-sales experience.

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Channel Insights for Brands

A selection of the brands that are leveraging our insights


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“The insights and tooling really improved our collaboration with retailers. We can give retailers access to specific dashboards in the SiteLucent tooling which makes collaboration in adjusting to content and listing requirements a lot easier and faster.”

E-commerce manager Benelux

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1. Select your retailers

Select the retailer sites where your product (or from your competitors) are offered. Our list with supported retailers is ever growing. Is your retailer not listed? Let us know and we will have it available within days.

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2. Select your products

We’ll show you which products are out of stock and for how long, such that you can focus on optimizing your in store availability and provide customers options to buy.


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3. Set up your dashboards

Create dashboards with a selection of retailers and products you want to track. Add the items you want to focus on, set performance thresholds and define alerts. Create private dashboards, share with colleagues or subscribe to company dashboards.

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4. Get your insights!

Use your dashboards and the underlying data to get your insights. We will automatically detect and flag significant events based on our algorithm and your preferences. Take action and provide that excellent point-of-sales experience!