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We monitor more than 1 million products daily on websites such as:

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Trusted by retail brands worldwide

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Success Story Coram

One of the biggest challenges for multi-brand company Coram, was to continuously take the steering wheel in product presence and presentation on all their online channels. Using SiteLucent made this process much easier and faster. 

Making the customer experience transparent across our various sales channels means that we can make data-driven choices in our eCommerce growth ambitions.

Peter Vogel - Digital Business Director at Coram

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Discover how SiteLucent makes

finding, monitoring, analysing & optimizing 

eCommerce pages easy

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Products Listing & Pricing

Find out if your resellers listed the complete agreed-upon portfolio. Which products are missing? Analyse price points to stay ahead of competitors and find out who is selling your products at a discount. 

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Marketplace Seller Overview

Get an instant overview of competing sellers on marketplaces, their prices and availability. Find out who won the buy box? And who are 'other sellers'?

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Product Availability

Monitor how stock-levels and days-out-of-stock evolve over time and take action to keep your brand’s presence consistent. Easily zoom in to detail level to find out if your resellers communicate a clear delivery time and stock text for your products.

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Analysis of Product Ranking

Site Search Results

No one can buy your products if they can’t find them! Upload keywords and product categories to find out how your products rank and who you’re competing with for top positions of site search results. Constantly tweak, measure and learn because each search algorithms ponders many factors.

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Content Completeness 

Identify and complete shortcomings in product content to increase engagement and conversions. Correct, complete and unique product content makes a product stand out, takes away questions from shoppers, prevents returns and influences findability within search engines. 

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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & reviews have a profound impact on customer’s shopping decisions, brand loyalty, visibility, findability and winning the buy box. Increase reviews by setting up targeted review campaigns and use customer feedback to show commitment and make your products even better!

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Key Martech Vendor

SiteLucent is one of the key technology vendors in the ‘Commerce & Sales’ category, as mentioned in the 2020 Dutch Marketing Technology Landscape of

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