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Channel Insights for Brands
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Build an excellent point-of-sales experience

Delivering a superb online point-of-sales experience is vital for boosting online sales results. We help our clients by providing actionable insights on their online retail channels, with main focus on the point-of-sales experience. Our clients gain full visibility and can focus on continuously optimizing the experience where it falls short and deliver that excellent experience to their potential buyers!

How can we help you?

The huge, and ever increasing, number of online retailers, competitors and products that your potential buyers interact with, require the right analytical tools to collect, filter, analyze and aggregate the data. We will crunch the numbers and notify you when and where action is required. You will receive guidance based on what we found in the data and on what you find important. We offer a scalable cloud based solution with different license plans to suite your needs and supports your growth.

Who are our clients?

We primarily work for brands/manufacturers that want to take control of their potential buyer's points-of-sales experience. Or, who want to monitor their own or their competitors presence on online retail channels. Our insights enable marketing and sales teams to further streamline internal content creation and syndication processes. As well as to strengthen the partnership and collaboration with their channel partners, to jointly build that world-class experience and increase revenues.

Get your products listed

Is your complete product portfolio available online? At the stores of your customer's choice? We'll help you find out and achieve 100% of your (key) products listing at the online retailers that matter most to you.

Ensure your products are on stock

Products that are out of stock cannot be bought. We'll show you which products are out of stock and for how long, such that you can focus on optimizing your in-store availability and provide customers options to buy.

Offer complete content

A complete and exciting brand & product experience at the point-of-sale drives purchase decisions, both online as well as offline. We'll tell you what's missing where, allowing you to focus on completing the experience.

Ensure your products can be found

Customers use the online shop's search engine as well as category browsing to find the products they want to buy. We'll monitor how your products rank and who you're competing with for the top result page positions.

Rating & reviews drive further sales

A complete and exciting brand & product experience at the point-of-sale drives purchase decisions, both online as well as offline. We'll tell you what's missing where, allowing you to focus on completing the experience.

Track retail prices and promotions

Your running promotions and driving traffic to your sales channels. But is your promotion actually present the point-of-sale? We'll monitor how your products are priced, how prices evolve and which promotions are visible for the site visitors.

Whether you have a small, medium or large business, SiteLucent has plans available for your company's size and stage! I'm looking forward to learn about your needs and dreams, and how we can help you become even more successful. Contact me to get started now

Ivo Mesters
Ivo Mesters

CEO of SiteLucent

Our Team

We are a group of marketing intelligence specialists with a passion for data. We have over 10 years experience with digital analytics, marketing intelligence and online marketing. It is this knowledge we combine in SiteLucent to enable brands to optimize their presence at online retailers.


Below some examples of what you can do with SiteLucent. Would you like to discuss opportunities how our solution could help achieve your business goals? Please contact me for a live demonstration of the tool

Aron van der Hijden
Aron van der Hijden

CTO of SiteLucent

How it works

Our software is all about your products listed at retailers.

Select your retailers

Select the retailer sites where your product (or from your competitors) are offered. Our list with supported retailers is ever growing. Is your retailer not listed? Let us know and we will have it available within days.

Select your products

Select the products you want to monitor which can be your own and/or those of your competitors. You can also select product categories to follow, such that new products launched into the market will automatically get picked up.

Setup your dashboards

Create dashboards with a selection of retailers and products you want to track. Add the items you want to focus on, set performance thresholds and define alerts. Create private dashboards, share with colleagues or subscribe to company dashboards.

Get your Insights!

Use your dashboards and the underlying data to get your insights. We will automatically detect and flag significant events based on our algorithm and your preferences. Take action and provide that excellent point-of-sales experience!

We believe that data is the new oil. Making effective use of the large amount of data you can collect about your customer experience, defines the difference between being a leader or one of many followers

― Ivo Mesters, CEO and co-founder of SiteLucent


License modules

Customize your license based on the insights you need. SiteLucent offers four license modules. For each retailer you can select any of the available modules.
This makes your license highly configurable and you only pay for what you need.

Product & Content

This (mandatory) module provides insights on the product availability and the product content. It contains all the information you need to see which of your products are at all present and on stock at the retailer's website, and which are not. It also contains product related content needed to optimize your product content, ensure completeness and test content syndication processes.

Available items in this module:
  • Product identification numbers
  • Product information (brand, name, category)
  • Availability and stock information
  • Price data (original and selling prices, discounts, promotions)
  • Digital asset information (images, videos, downloads)
  • Customer feedback statistics (score, count)

Retailer Site

Consumers use the site's search function and/or browsing options to find products. Therefore, it's important that your products are present and visible via these functions. Provide a list of search keywords and get insights on which of your products are on page 1 and at which position. Determine your share of search and best performing keywords. Use this module to improve findability (and SEO) of your products.

Available items in this module:
  • Search engine result page #1 product information (per keyword)
  • Product ranking and share of search (per keyword)


Find out what customers say about your products and what they advise to other potential buyers. This module provides information on the amount of reviews present, the star ratings as well as the actual verbatim texts themselves. Use this module to learn from your customer's experience and/or to spot potential issues early. Optionally with translations and sentiment analysis.

Available items in this module:
  • Customer feedback statistics (score, count)
  • Customer feedback details (review text, title, publication date)

Google Search

Provide search keywords for your products and find out if your product is listed on the first page of Google for the retailers you work with. Master your on-page SEO techniques and soar to the top of the Google result page. Use this module to improve findability of your products on popular search engines.

Available items in this module:
  • Google page #1 product information (per keyword)
  • Product ranking and share of search (per keyword)

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