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How to use the DCC score in dashboards

IWhere can I find the DCC score of my products?

To find content related data and insights, you can turn to the SiteLucent dashboard named  "Product Content Overview". This dashboard consists of the following widgets:

  • Bar chart: Content Completeness (DCC) score per retailer
  • Bar chart: % products meeting all minimal & basic content criteria per retailer
  • Line chart: Content Completeness (DCC) score per retailer over time
  • Line chart: % products meeting all minimal & basic content criteria per retailer over time

product content quality ecommerce

  • Data Table: Product content overview
  • Data Table: DCC score - Minimal Criteria Details 

Tables can be used as action lists to easily filter all products that do not meet all (i.e. minimal) content criteria just yet, and to directly see what content is missing;

Download and share these lists as a CSV file (when this feature is included in your plan) within your organization to follow up and monitor results.

Product details

In a widget it is possible to zoom in further on detail level. For this, you simply click on the center of a widget, and a screen with product details will pop-up.

On the left side of a ‘product detail screen’ we see a clickable ‘info-icon’ for each individual product. In case of a data table, you see the info-icon directly on the left side of each product. When you click on the info-icon, a screen will pop up. 

By clicking the content tab (see image below), the DCC score will be visible. Click on the score to zoom in to the criteria, see which criteria are met or not, and what the weight is for each criteria.

In case it is included in your plan, DCC criteria can be customized.

product detail page quality sitelucent

It is possible to create different versions of the DCC score. Find out how you can create and use them in this article.