Why create product lists

You have the option to upload product lists in SiteLucent. In this article we explain why a product list can be useful.

Create and upload a product list in order to:

  1. See if products are being found online: Discover which products are missing online. Track if products are listed and available, there where they should be.
  2. Specify assortments per retailer: Compare the agreed-upon product portfolio of a specific retailer, with the actual product portfolio found online. Apply the portfolio as a view filter on dashboards
  3. Create custom view filters: Tags let you organize the SKU's in your account into groups so that you can quickly and easily zoom in on and report the data that is important to you.
  4. Assign attributes to products: Attributes let you identify gaps and inconsistencies in product content. For this we use the so called DCC score (Digital Content Completeness score). Measure price deviations: By adding the RSP as a product attribute in a product list.