Terms of Use

SiteLucent Software is subject to the SaaS-related sections in the “Nederland ICT Voorwaarden 2014” terms & conditions, of which a copy can be downloaded below. For the online plans & payment, additional terms apply.



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Netherlands ICT Terms

The 'Nederland ICT Voorwaarden' contain rules concerning contact between suppliers and customers during the delivery of products and services. SiteLucent software is specifically subject to the SaaS-related sections in these terms.


Online plans & payment

  • When upgrading to a premium plan online, prices are per 30-day period and exclude VAT.
  • The price for the new plan will be invoiced monthly in arrears at the end of the 30-day period; 
  • When upgrading to a premium plan, the new plan starts immediately. Any additional cost in the current 30-day period, due to i.e. further changes in the product selection, will be added to the invoice for the current 30-day period;
  • A Premium plan will be automatically renewed at the end of the 30-day period, for a consecutive 30-day period;
  • Removing blocks of PDP’s during the 30 day plan period will not affect the calculated price for the remaining days but will affect the price for the next 30-day period;
  • Cancelling a Premium plan will take effect after the running 30-day period ends. Your subscription will not be renewed and the account will be closed automatically.


SiteLucent plans

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