Take Control of the Digital Shelf

To drive conversions, you want your Products' Detail Pages to be:

  • Present
  • Findable
  • Correct
  • Complete
  • Brand-compliant

On all eCommerce Channels!

For multi-channel Brands, it is a hell of a job to manage and control!

SiteLucent helps you overcome everyday eCommerce challenges by letting you take the steering wheel!

What is the Digital Shelf

The digital shelf is the place where a product is presented online.

Multiply the number of products in your brands' portfolio, with the number of eCommerce channels you are selling on, and you will have the amount of touchpoints where shoppers engage with your brand, and discover, research, and (hopefully) purchase your products.

A product detail page usually includes:

  • Your products' title and subtitle
  • Product descriptions, bullet points, specs tables, and leaflets to download
  • Product images & videos
  • Ratings & reviews
  • The price of your product

To drive conversions, you want all these elements to be present, findable, correct, complete, and brand-compliant, on all eCommerce channels!

Digital shelf

How to win? Content is key!

It is necessary to continuously monitor the quality of published content. It is essential to check if the content you provide to retailers and marketplaces is actually on the product detail pages.

In practice, it turns out that it is often not taken over one on one. Sometimes even incomplete and with incorrect information.

SiteLucent analyzes product detail pages and creates reports for you to quickly improve product detail pages, on all channels.

Winning on the Digital-Shelf

Take Control of your Digital Shelf.

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take control of digital shelf