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We help you optimize your brand's online performance. Save time and boost sales with digital shelf monitoring & eCommerce analytics.

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Monitor product listings and control your brand

Track your assortment to control who is selling your brand on what channels.

  • Visualize and overview the exact SKUs listed across retailers;
  • Find out which products are missing on the digital shelf;
  • Track who is selling your products (without permission) on marketplaces.
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Maximize product availability

Don't miss out on sales opportunities and boost eCommerce sales by fixing stockouts across multiple retailers.

  • Track if (sponsored) products are in stock at all times;
  • Get notified if products at your eCommerce channels run out of stock;
  • Track the length and timing of each stock-out to anticipate future supply issues.
Stock availability tracking

Keep prices stable and competitive

Benefit from tracking retail prices in multiple ways.

  • Select an optimal price strategy based on retail and competitor prices;
  • Negotiate margins, backed with retail price data;
  • Track if resellers follow recommended retail prices and which resellers maintain stable prices.

Show perfect content on 100+ channels

Get product page content right, at scale.

  • Use scorecards to compare your brand's guidelines against published content on retailer sites;
  • Receive automated reports on products with incorrect or missing keywords, product images, videos, or other attributes;
  • Benchmark content against top-selling or top-ranked competitors for # of images, videos, and other (enhanced) content.
content monitoring

Lift visibility in retailer search results

Monitor if you use keywords in all the right places and analyze the search placements on retailers. Improve your product page SEO across all product listings.

  • Monitor your brands share of search by retailer-specific keywords;
  • Detect if your products rank first on search results in your category;
  • Benchmark competitor brand product search rankings.

Analyze and leverage product reviews

Ratings & reviews are a core part of the online shopping experience. Tracking customer ratings & reviews helps you to:

  • Benchmark the number of product reviews and star ratings against competitor brands' products;
  • Determine which products are underperforming;
  • Identify issues with your products and product content.
Analyze ratings & reviews

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