About us

We are a group of marketing intelligence specialists with a passion for data. We have over 10 years experience with digital analytics, eCommerce, marketing intelligence and online marketing. It is this knowledge we combine in SiteLucent to enable brands to optimize their presentation at e-retailer sites.

Why we created SiteLucent?

Having a multi-channel sales approach brings up questions such as "Do my products show up on resellers' online shelves at all? Is product content correct and complete? And do my products appear in site search results?". Our software helps you to uncover powerful insights and take control of your products by monitoring indirect online sales channels.

We strongly believe that eCommerce performance data and insights should be available to all players in the eCommerce value chain. Having easy access to this information leads to better and more effective collaboration, a better shopping experience for the consumer and higher profits and value for all participants.

Our Mission

It's our mission to make eCommerce data accessible for everyone worldwide.

Our data platform enables eCommerce companies to efficiently acquire the insights they need to optimize their shopping experiences across their channels, our partners to offer better services to their customers and all our customers to collaborate more effectively with their partners.

Office Aron & Ivo

Meet Our Team

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Ivo Mesters

Founder & CEO

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Aron van der Hijden

Founder & CTO
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André Willems

Partner & CCO
📱         + 31 6 27 29 52 05

Justin Fransen

Front-end developer
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Rianne Konings


Mike Kelders

Customer Success Manager

Geert Immerzeel

Data Intelligence Engineer

✉️ geert@sitelucent.com 


Ali Jumale

Data Operations Specialist

✉️ ali@sitelucent.com

Nick Bouwmans SiteLucent

Nick Bouwmans

Customer Success Representative

✉️ nick@sitelucent.com 


Front-end Developer


Open Application

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Key martech vendor

SiteLucent is one of the key technology vendors in the ‘Commerce & Sales’ category, as mentioned in the 2020 Dutch Marketing Technology Landscape of Martechtribe.com.

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