Maximize Online Product Availability

Imagine you're doing an excellent job driving attention and traffic to a product page which then fails to convert at the final moment because the retailer doesn’t have enough inventory in stock. Don't miss out on sales opportunities and boost eCommerce sales by fixing out-of-stocks across multiple retailers.

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Boost eCommerce Sales by fixing out-of-stocks

Retailer list

Retailer assortment lists

Upload retailer assortment lists to ensure they carry the right products and have stock available.

Dashboards & Widgets

Dashboards & Widgets

From availability rates per brand to days out of stock per retailer, you can analyze and optimize at every level of product availability.


Out-of-stock alerts

Set up alerts on KPI and product level to the right person so you can quickly replenish inventory.

availability report

Availability reports

Receive detailed out-of-stock reports straight in your inbox with daily-updated availability status and days out of stock per product.


What are the consequences of running out of stock?

  • Search ranking

  • Buy-box

  • Brand loyalty

Poor availability in the past 20 days, can cause an average drop of 4 to 5 positions in eCommerce search results.

When your assortment is often out of stock and competitors can keep a steady stock level, your search ranking will go down, and you give your rival free rein to conquer those top 3 positions on the digital shelf. That's a pity because we all know it's not easy to crawl back up again.

The more frequently your products run out of stock, the fewer chances you have of winning the buy box. 

When running Out-Of-Stock on marketplaces, your product most probably loses the buy box to a 3P seller. When out-of-stock events occur frequently, a marketplace can put you on a list of underperforming sellers, third-party sellers 'steal' your buy-box position, and in the end, it could even lead to delisting by that marketplace.

One of the biggest drivers for abandoning brand loyalty is items being out of stock.

When running out of stock, you're not only disappointing shoppers in the short run but jeopardizing customer loyalty. It's more than one single sales opportunity. If someone has been a loyal customer for many years but switches to another brand because your product is out of stock, you put that person's loyalty at stake, plus losing years of likely sales in the future.


Need clarification?

Can I get notified of products that run out of stock?

Yes, you can set up alerts and automated data reports that notify you or your team members of sudden stockouts. 

How do you identify products?

To identify products and link products across different channels together, SiteLucent searches a product detail page (PDP) to find the GTIN Code OR the combination: Brand + MPN. 

In most cases, identifying products goes well. However, in some cases, it does not because crucial information on an eCommerce product page is missing or is displayed incorrectly. In this article, we explain how we can solve mapping issues.

What metrics can I monitor with the product availability dashboard?

You can monitor:

  • Daily-updated views of product stock availability rates (per country, retailer, brand, seller or product)
  • The (average) days a product is out of stock
  • The text that a retailer communicates about the stock
  • A possible delivery time text.

When uploading a product list, you can track the listing completeness of your assortment. In other words, visualize the number of SKUs listed across retailers and determine which products are missing on the digital shelf.


One tool for all your digital shelf metrics

Price tracking

Price tracking

Track retailers, third-party sellers, and competitor prices with SiteLucent.

Product Page SEO

Retail SEO

Monitor your brands' ranking positions for important keywords & category pages.

Content, Ratings & Reviews

Content, Ratings & Reviews

Use our Digital Content Completeness (DCC) score to identify underperforming products.