Monitor your Product  Assortment & Stock Availability

Keeping your brands' presence consistent on key retail channels is essential to converting shoppers to purchase. Missing SKUs and Stockouts have negative consequences for your brand in the short and long run. Better manage your eCommerce assortment and stock availability with our Digital Shelf Data & Analytics. 

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Stock Availability monitoring

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Why SiteLucent for Product Assortment & Stock Availability Monitoring?

Retailer Assortment

Retailer Assortments

Upload retailer assortment lists to ensure they're carrying the right products and have stock available.

Alerts & notifications

Alerts & Notifications

Set up alerts on KPI and product level to the right person so you can quickly replenish inventory.

Data exports

Data Exports

Download daily Out-Of-Stock reports directly to CSV or create scheduled exports to your email.

Define & Track Core Retailer Assortments

With hundreds or perhaps thousands of products in your assortment listed on multiple eCommerce channels, it's challenging to monitor stock availability and quickly replenish online stockouts. With SiteLucent, you can: 

  • Specify core assortments for each of your key retail partners to discover which SKUs are missing or unavailable online.
  • Let us take over the manual task of checking Product Detail Pages one by one.
  • Receive daily overviews of your Brands' presence and stock availability on the Digital Shelf.
Monitor product availability
SiteLucents' daily updated stock availability overviews per retailer make it much easier to act quickly towards resellers and prevent stockouts.
Read TomToms' complete Case Study!

Nick van Tolij Channel Sales Manager at TomTom

Case study TomTom availability

Who is selling your products online?

Spot (unauthorised) 3P sellers

SiteLucent continuously crawls eCommerce shop and marketplace shelves, looking for your brands' products and presentation.

With SiteLucent, you can not only ensure that resellers are carrying the right products and have stock available but also spot sellers who buy your products and resell them without your permission on marketplaces such as Amazon and 

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Marketplaces Assortment

With SiteLucent, you can get the Complete Picture & Optimise:


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Content & Reviews


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