Maximize online stock availability

Don't miss out on sales opportunities and boost eCommerce sales by fixing out-of-stocks across multiple retailers.

Online Product Availability

Optimize at every level of product availability

The digital shelve changes continuously. That's why brands should check the in-stock rates for each online retailer daily. SiteLucent tools can help you analyze and optimize at every level of product availability.

eCommerce Availability Monitoring Software

Boost eCommerce Sales by fixing out-of-stocks

Retailer list

Retailer assortment lists

Upload retailer assortment lists to ensure they carry the right products and have stock available.

Dashboards & Widgets

Dashboards & Widgets

From availability rates per brand to days out of stock per retailer, you can analyze and optimize at every level of product availability.


Out-of-stock alerts

Set up alerts on KPI and product level to the right person so you can quickly replenish inventory.

availability report

Availability reports

Receive detailed out-of-stock reports straight in your inbox with daily-updated availability status and days out of stock per product.

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The 3 biggest pain points for brands selling on multiple channels

In our eBook we touch on the pain points: Multi-channel conflicts, Lost brand control, and Being invisible and unfindable on the digital shelf.

SiteLucent elucidates: The Wearable Digital Shelf

Get best practices, tips, and insights based on our digital shelf observations of the Dutch wearables market.


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