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Monitoring eCommerce prices helps keep your brands' prices stable, competitive and avoid price wars: track retailer, third-party sellers, and competitor prices with SiteLucent.

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Why SiteLucent for Price Tracking?

Collecting and analysing eCommerce prices can be done manually, but that's a time-consuming task. Imagine visiting all pages where your products are listed, every week, every day, or even multiple times a day. We bet you can think of better ways to spend that time, such as focussing on your pricing strategy.

Price tracking software

Pricing alerts

Pricing Alerts & Notifications

Set up pricing alerts on product level to detect sudden price drops and avoid price wars.


Spot (Unauthorised) Sellers

Monitor price movements to gain better visibility into (unauthorised) 3P sellers, retailers, and competitors.

Price tracking

High-frequency Updates

Increase scraping frequency to up to 8 times a day and identify who dropped a price first.


SiteLucent's pricing data gives us and our resellers the insights we need to formulate a solid pricing strategy and make calculated decisions.

Yuri Ponjee - Key Account Manager eCommerce Philips Hue

Win the Digital Shelf on Marketplaces

A marketplace is an ideal channel to generate turnover, but profitability is not self-evident. For example, price wars can lead to losing product listings, become 'ineligible' for advertising, and lose buy box placement to third-party (3P) sellers.

Use SiteLucent eCommerce monitoring software to constantly monitor 3P sellers' threats and improve your brands' digital shelf performances.

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price monitoring

With SiteLucent, you get Digital Shelf Data & Analytics on:


Assortment & Stock

Assortment & Stock monitoring

Product Page SEO

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