Track online reseller & competitor prices

Keep your brands' prices stable and competitive and avoid price wars. Get daily notifications when retailers, third-party sellers, and competitors change eCommerce prices.

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Get notified when a price drops

SiteLucent pricing alerts can notify you if a price drops and if a price deviates from the recommended retail price. 

Among selling prices, stock levels and search rankings continuously change. Learn more about alerts on digital shelf changes that allow you to take immediate action.

Pricing tracking alerts

Why choose SiteLucent for price tracking?

Price alerts

Daily Price Alerts & Data Reports

Set up alerts to detect reseller price movements and prevent price wars.

Dashboards & Widgets

Custom Dashboards

Get insight into the prices of third-party sellers and competitors with custom analytics views.

high-frequency updates

High-frequency updates

Increase scraping frequency to up to 8 times a day and identify who dropped a price first.


Webinar: 3 Ways to Boost Your Reseller Online Sales

Today's consumers often bounce between channels, searching for the best products, services, and prices. Keeping your brand's presence consistent and prices stable and competitive on all online channels is essential to converting shoppers to purchase.

Get a pulse on your key retail partners

In this webinar, Serdar Hiçyılmaz from SiteLucent, and Jos Raaijmakers from Vendie, reveal how you can get a pulse on your key retail partners and connect them to your brands to increase sales.

Learn more about price tracking and:

  • Enforcing price policies
  • Avoiding price wars
  • Selecting an optimal price strategy
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