eCommerce Price Monitoring

As a brand or manufacturer, price monitoring can help you to reach the following goals:

  • Stay competitive and win the buy box on marketplaces
  • Create a value perception that aligns with your brand 
  • Cover costs and ensure that all channels in distribution make a profit by protecting margins

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eCommerce price monitoring

"SiteLucent's pricing widgets make tracking price developments over time easy and help us in explaining pricing decisions to resellers."

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Competitive Price Analysis

Base your pricing decisions and strategy on competitive price analysis in order to stay ahead. Find answers to questions such as:

  • Which market segments are my competitors targeting?
  • What pricing strategy are they using?
  • How rapidly are the prices of each brand changing? - A stable price often shows a product to be successful (and vice versa)

SiteLucent dashboards can show you the selling price over time of competing brands within a product category, or a specific product on multiple e-retailer websites.

Monitor eCommerce prices

Analyse price points and  competition on marketplaces

Winning the buy box on marketplaces is not only depending on your price point. But it is for sure, an important criterion!

98% of online shoppers cite price as their key factor in purchase decision. Get an instant overview of competing sellers on marketplaces: who won the buy box and who is selling your products at a discount? 

  • How do prices compare over all retailers and marketplaces?
  • In detail: which retailer increased or lowered the price of my product first?

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Analyse eCommerce Price Points

MAP and MSRP monitoring  

MAP pricing addresses how a reseller advertises a product, MSRP represents the price a manufacturer recommends its retailers to sell the product.

Why would you use and monitor MAP and MSRP policies?

  • Protect your own margins and those of your retailers
  • Protect your brand value proposition: A price that is too low, can raise red flags about the quality of your products and brand
  • To keep retailers from being unfairly undersold by competitors which can lead to price wars

Please note: Both MAP and MSRP must both be set up as one-way policies and not as legal agreements between manufacturer and reseller.


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