Track competitor, 3P seller & retailer prices

Keep your brands' prices stable and competitive and avoid price wars: daily monitor retailers, third-party sellers, and competitor prices with SiteLucent.

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Protect the profitability of your brand online

Collecting and analyzing eCommerce prices can be done manually, but that's a time-consuming task. We bet you can think of better ways to spend that time. With SiteLucent you can:

Price alerts

Price alert notifications

Set up alerts to detect reseller price movements and prevent price wars.

Dashboards & Widgets

Custom Dashboards

Get insight into the prices of third-party sellers and competitors with custom analytics views.

high-frequency updates

High-frequency updates

Increase scraping frequency to up to 8 times a day and identify who dropped a price first.


Multi-channel conflicts. How can price monitoring help?

  • Multi-channel

  • A chain reaction

  • Price Monitoring

Leveraging multiple channels to spread your brand increases the likelihood of channel conflicts. A price war between retailers can be created when you allow too many retailers and (unauthorized) third-party sellers in a given territory to sell your brands' products. When one retailer pushes a price lower in a price battle, pricing algorithms will find that price and match it. Then others follow or go even lower. 

A chain reaction can result in a loss of margin and product and brand value, both in the eyes of your customer and resellers. If third-party (3P) sellers beat you at price, they can 'steal' your buy-box position.

Keeping prices stable and avoiding price wars is an overall indicator of success on 'the digital shelf'. Don't let profit margins, brand reputation and your relationship with your partners get into danger.

To keep your prices stable, profitable and competitive, start by outlining the rights and responsibilities (on territories, market shares, prices, and distribution) of every member of the sales channel. To enforce, you continuously monitor who is selling your products, where, and for what price

SiteLucent software crawls eCommerce shop and marketplace shelves, looking for your brands' products and prices. Set up alerts to get notified when someone is undercutting recommended sales prices. Enforce a Minimum Advertising Policy (MAP) in the countries where they can be used and warn sellers who are violating your distribution or pricing policy.


Need clarification?

Can I track the prices of my competitor?

Yes, you can!

How often are prices refreshed?

By default, we scrape product prices from product detail pages once a day. You can increase the scraping frequency to up to 8 times a day. 

Additional price per month/shop:

Frequency of data collection Additional price per month/webshop
2 x a day  € 20
4 x a day  € 40
6 x a day  € 60
8 x a day  € 80

Can I monitor Google Shopping listings?

Yes, you can track Google Shopping offers with SiteLucent in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany and 19 other countries.

What you can monitor daily:

  • Seller (buy box winner) and possible other offers
  • Article price
  • Total price (including sending costs)

Please get in touch with us for more info. 


One tool for all your digital shelf metrics

Product Page SEO

Product page SEO

Monitor your brands' ranking positions for important keywords & category pages.

Product availability

Stock availability

Don't miss out on sales opportunities by fixing out-of-stocks across multiple retailers.

Content, Ratings & Reviews

Content, Ratings & Reviews

Use our Digital Content Completeness (DCC) score to identify underperforming products.