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It's our ambition to make eCommerce data accessible to everyone worldwide. What better way to achieve this than by leveraging our global partners' network and expertise!

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Gain insights and grow your business on Bol.com

The combination of Bol.com seller data and SiteLucent's digital shelf data help you:

  • Optimize product content on your PDPs
  • Maximize visibility in search results
  • Leverage product reviews
  • Answer relevant questions for eCommerce growth

Uncover insights that lead to more sales on the digital shelf. The SiteLucent InSight team reveals trends and potential relationships between eCommerce and digital shelf data. 

bol eCommerce analytics
Partnership Vendie

Optimize the path to purchase with Vendie

A where-to-buy solution removes barriers within the customer journey and increases your brand revenue through additional retailer sales. Vendie's click, sales, and revenue data, combined with SiteLucent's digital shelf data, take your retailer performance to a higher level.

  • Prevent common stockouts at your retailers
  • Improve KPI tracking across your eCommerce channels
  • Gain insights into sales goals and maintain competitive and stable prices

Generate authentic product reviews with Roekoo

Review campaigns are an effective way to generate high-quality reviews for specific products on your most important channels. Together with SiteLucent, Roekoo helps you boost online growth with product reviews.

  • Discover under-performing products to include in your review campaign
  • Generate high-quality reviews
  • Monitor what is being said about your products online
Partnership Roekoo
CoreChange partner

Develop a digital shelf strategy with CoreChange

Managing the digital shelf without a strategy makes it difficult to prioritize where to spend the most time. CoreChange helps you create and execute an effective digital shelf strategy.

  • Drive product findability across your retailers
  • Improve conversion rates on your PDPs
  • Accelerate your performances

Part of the Constrive Group

The Constrive Group comprises multiple companies with specialties within the retail value chain. Constrive invests in people and companies, helping them grow faster. SiteLucent is part of the Constrive Group since 2019.

Constrive Group

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