Do you have questions about how SiteLucent's software can help your business?

We'd love to show you how your brand can drive eCommerce sales, be brand compliant on all eCommerce channels, avoid channel conflicts, lower return rates, or all of the above! Here are a few ways to reach out to our sales team.

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Need clarification?

What digital shelf metrics do I have access to with a paid plan?

We want to give you that complete picture!
That's why starting with SiteLucent means you will have access to the total package, including:
  • Selling prices
  • Marketplace seller info
  • Buy box shares
  • Retail search rankings
  • Product listings
  • Stock availability
  • Product content
  • Ratings & reviews

The amount of data might be a bit overwhelming!

The best way to discover how we can help you reach your goals is through a live demo with one of our specialists.

For who is SiteLucent?

eCommerce, marketing, sales, and supply chain teams can leverage SiteLucent to achieve their goals. SiteLucent is a full suite of software built to take control of your brand on the digital shelf. 

Can I monitor Google Shopping listings?

Yes, you can track Google Shopping offers with SiteLucent in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany and 19 other countries.

What you can monitor daily:

  • Seller (buy box winner) and possible other offers
  • Article price
  • Total price (including sending costs)

Please contact us for more detailed info.

Can I make API calls? And a two-way integration?

Yes, this is possible, for more detailed information please reach out to us.

Can I track the products of my competitor?

Yes, you can!

Can I monitor products that are behind a login?

Yes, you can. We do need login credentials and permission from your (B2B) partner to track their products.