Boost search rankings, visibility, and traffic

With SiteLucent, you monitor if your brand's product pages contain keywords in all the right places and track retail search placements.

Product Page SEO - Visibility Dashboard

With SiteLucent you can

keyword tracking

Track product page content

Check if product pages contain keywords in all the right places

Brand share of search

Analyze share of search

Monitor your brands share of search by retailer-specific keywords

category page search

Track category placements

Detect if your products rank first on search results in your category

Competition search ranking

Benchmark competition

Benchmark competitor brand product search rankings

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How we help TomTom


With fewer human resources available and more online retail partners than ever before, it's impossible to track search rankings of over 700 product detail pages.


SiteLucent's visibility dashboard shows ranking positions of each product by retailer, keyword and category URL.


TomTom's visibility share in the top-10 search results jumped from 60% to 100% thanks to SiteLucents' retail search data and analytics.

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Retail SEO and CRO go hand-in-hand

More sales lead to higher search positions and vice versa. 

Once shoppers find your product page, ensure you offer the desired and accurate product information, stock availability, and a competitive yet profitable price.


Optimize product-page content

Quickly detect and optimize shortcomings in your brand's product-page content.

Maximize stock availability

Don't miss out on sales opportunities and boost eCommerce sales by fixing stockouts across multiple retailers.

Protect selling prices

Keep prices competitive and avoid price wars. Track retailers, third-party sellers, and competitor prices.