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Why SiteLucent for Product Page SEO and Keyword Tracking?

eCommerce Search Engine Optimisation

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Monitor Brand Visibility

Track your brands share of search by retailer-specific keywords & category URLs.


Improve Content Quality

Optimise product pages for eCommerce search engines with our content scorecards.

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One tool to analyse content, stock availability & price and its effect on search rankings.


Search engine Optimisation (SEO) for marketplaces and retailer websites is inextricably linked with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).  

It pays to invest in CRO on product detail pages constantly - More sales lead to better organic positions. 

  • Provide appealing product content - images and videos, strong titles and descriptions.
  • Pay special attention to stock and pricing
Product Visibility
With SiteLucent's 'Product Visibility Dashboard', we discovered that when shoppers search for the keywords 'Car Navigation' and 'TomTom' on Dutch retailers, competitor products showed up in the top-10 search results.
We then optimised some crucial page content and communicated the issue to the resellers. As a result, our visibility share in the top-10 search results went up from 60% to 100% within a week!

Nick van Tolij Channel Sales Manager at TomTom

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