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Monitor & optimize product page content on all eCommerce channels with SiteLucent.

  • Lift your products to the top of retail search results
  • Protect your brand image
  • Lower product return rates
  • Benchmark content against competitors
Product Page Content Optimization

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Why SiteLucent for product content monitoring?

Retailer list

Content Scorecards

Compare content guidelines against published content on retailer sites. Bring product content to perfection step-by-step.

Dashboards & Widgets

Actionable reports

Receive automated reports on products with incorrect or missing keywords, product images, videos or other attributes.

product image overviews

Image Overviews

Product image overviews let you discover incorrect images at a glance.

review distribution chart

Review distribution

Use rating & review distribution charts to zoom in on underperforming products quickly.

Product Image Overviews

Images are essential content assets on each product detail page.

SiteLucents' product image overviews let you discover the number and quality of images at a glance across all eCommerce channels.

Image Overview Dashboard

DCC score video

Digital Content Completeness (DCC) Score

Bring product content to perfection, step-by-step with:

  • Keyword-optimized product titles and descriptions
  • Correct product specification on all retailer sites
  • A good amount of product images and videos
  • Ratings & reviews that make your products stand out on the digital shelf

Collect & Analyze Product Reviews on the Digital Shelf

Tracking Customer Ratings & Reviews helps you identify issues with your products and product content and gives you keyword ideas- in the customer's language, which improves the findability of your products.

Product Reviews

Boost Traffic, Conversions & Engagement

  • Traffic

  • Conversion

  • Engagement

Providing rich, fresh and unique product content impacts where your product shows up in search engine results. Improved findability leads to more product page traffic.

With SiteLucent, you can:

  • Measure if frequently used keywords are incorporated into your product titles and descriptions.
  • Analyze review texts to get keyword ideas- in the customer's language, which improves the findability of your products.
  • Benchmark search rankings for important keywords & category pages against competitor brands.

Product content is an essential piece of information needed by consumers to compare alternatives and make purchase decisions.

With SiteLucent, you can:

  • Make sure that product pages show basic product specifications such as product colors, dimensions and brand names.
  • Track if product pages show images, videos and other rich content.
  • Benchmark product page content such as descriptions, images, videos and reviews against competitors.

Poor product pages result in shoppers who buy the wrong product based on inaccurate assumptions, resulting in unhappy customers or returned purchases.

With SiteLucent, you can:

  • Check if the quality of product content can bring customer expectations as close as possible to reality. 
  • Use valuable feedback from reviews to improve products and product content.
  • Respond to negative reviews, reduce product returns and protect your brand reputation online.

What our customers say

"Thanks to SiteLucent, we know our products constantly live up to the customer expectations - Product pages are brand-compliant and look the part on the digital shelf.”

“Ease of use, price, dashboards. There's not much to dislike, and it’s very user friendly.”

"SiteLucent is very efficient and effective in identifying product pages with low numbers of reviews and star ratings."



Product Content Monitoring & Its Effect on Retail Search Performances

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Need clarification?

What is a content scorecard or DCC score?

If you start using SiteLucent, one of the terms you are bound to come across is the DCC score - Digital Content Completeness score. The DCC Score is calculated by comparing the content found for the selected product(s) to the defined completeness criteria and shows the percentage of met criteria. 

In short: The DCC score tells you how correct and complete the content of your products online actually is.

Read more about it here.

Can I customise content score criteria per brand or retailer?

Yes, that's possible. With SiteLucent you can:

  • Adjust or remove default content criteria
  • Add completely new rules to the content score.
  • Create retailer- or brand-specific criteria.
  • Set the weight of each criterion yourself.

Can I track the product page content of competitor brands?

Yes, you can!