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Be brand-compliant on all eCommerce channels. With SiteLucent content quality scorecards, you can identify gaps and inconsistencies on your brands' product pages, optimise content, reduce returns, and create great content experiences.

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Content Quality Scorecard

SiteLucent created the DCC score to measure content compliance on all channels.

  • The Digital Content Completeness (DCC) score shows you which products are underperforming.

  • Fully customise (retailer-specific) content criteria and their weights.

  • The three layers - Minimal, Basic, and Extended content, help you prioritise what to optimise first and bring product content towards perfection.

Content Score Cards

Why SiteLucent for Product Content & Review Monitoring?

eCommerce Content Management


Product Images

Image Overviews show you which images or image types are missing or incorrect.

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DCC score

The Digital Content Completeness score measures your product content compliance.


Ratings & Reviews

Zoom in on products with new, few, and negative customer reviews and star ratings.

Download our step-by-step guide to create great product experiences on 100+ channels. Curious how eCommerce Monitoring Software can help?
Digital Shelf Optimisation

Hero Images

Use SiteLucent product image overviews to compare hero images by retailer. For instance, check if products show a photo of the item itself - Straight from the front or clear side view, on a white, neutral background.

Product Image Overview

 Additional images give your item more character, show it in use by the ideal customer, and correctly map the look and extra's of your products.

SiteLucent gives a complete overview of product images, lifestyle/usage images and logos, to quickly find out which additional images are missing or which retailer is showing incorrect images.

eCommerce Product Images


SiteLucent helps us to be brand-compliant by checking if product images, titles, dimensions and colors are displayed correctly, across all our online channels.

Stephanie Meijer - Digital Content & Campaign Manager

SiteLucent and Coram

All Ratings & Reviews in One Place

Monitoring Ratings & Reviews helps you identify issues with your products and product content and gives you keyword ideas- in the customer's language, which improves the findability of your products.

With SiteLucent, you can:

  • Monitor and Analyse all Customer Ratings & Reviews from one central place
  • Find Outliers in Review Performance
  • Download all verbatim reviews and additional info on all eCommerce channels via our API
Rating & reviews overview

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