Optimize product page content, at scale

Track retail product pages to benchmark content against competitors, lift your products to the top of retail search results and lower product return rates.

Track product page content

Enhance retail search placement with your product pages

Getting product content right on product detail pages is key for your listing to climb to the top of retail search results. With SiteLucent, you can use content scorecards to bring product content to perfection.

Enhance Retail Search Placement

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The Digital Content Completeness (DCC) score

Bring product content to perfection, step-by-step with:

  • Keyword-optimized product titles and descriptions
  • Correct product specification on all retailer sites
  • A good amount of product images and videos
  • Reviews that make your products stand out on the digital shelf

Why choose SiteLucent for product content tracking & optimization?

Retailer list

Content Scorecards

Compare content guidelines against published content on retailer sites. Bring product content to perfection step-by-step.

Dashboards & Widgets

Actionable reports

Receive automated reports on products with incorrect or missing keywords, product images, videos or other attributes.

product image overviews

Image Overviews

Product image overviews let you discover incorrect images at a glance.

review distribution chart

Review distribution

Use rating & review distribution charts to zoom in on underperforming products quickly.

Product image overview

Product Image Overviews

Images are essential content assets on each product detail page.

SiteLucents' product image overviews let you discover the number and quality of images at a glance across all eCommerce channels.

What our customers say

"Thanks to SiteLucent, we know our products constantly live up to the customer expectations - Product pages are brand-compliant and look the part on the digital shelf.”

"SiteLucent is very efficient and effective in identifying product pages with low numbers of reviews and star ratings."


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